Received a letter?

Our mission is to protect the unique work of high-end content creators. Any use of our clients’ images requires the express consent of the rights holder and therefore a valid license.

If you have received a letter regarding the use of an image without a license there is no reason to panic. If you have a license for the image please provide us with a copy. If you do not have a valid license you will need to take this matter seriously. Your use might be a copyright infringement which constitutes a legal offense.


  • Who is AUGUST?
    AUGUST is dedicated to representing an elite group of portrait, lifestyle, beauty and fashion photographers for editorial and commercial licensing. We are the exclusive representatives for the work of some of the most creative and innovative contemporary photographers.
  • Who is Image Professionals?
    Image Professionals is focused on exceptional image collections which requires deep expertise and specialist knowledge. From food to health to science – the specialist photo agencies offer pictures, videos, features and recipes as well as numerous services for professional image users who can not afford mistakes.
  • Who is CPi Syndication?
    CPi is an exclusive independent boutique photo agency specializing in the licensing of high-end Celebrity Photography. We provide a premier quality service to its clients worldwide with our deep knowledge of our archives and industry. We represent the archives of some of the best portrait, beauty and fashion photographers in the world for editorial and commercial licensing utilizing all traditional and new media platforms. CPi’s philosophy from inception in 1994 still remains today that quality, content and service remain paramount as our foundation. This philosophy has been prevalent throughout CPi’s history and continues to be the driving force of the organization today.
  • Who is Science Photo Library?
    Science Photo Library (SPL) is the world's leading source of science and medicine images and videos. SPL is a member of BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies).
  • Who is OTTO?
    OTTO is a photography agency dedicated to licensing design, architectural and interior imagery of preeminent architects and designers from around the world as captured by master contemporary photographers. The collection also features unique location, landscape and industrial images. With an unparalleled focus on customer service and premiere imagery, OTTO's commitment to clients and photographers sets it apart from other agencies.
  • Who is Sucré Salé?
    Since its creation in 2000, Paris-based agency Sucré Salé has been specializing in the curation and distribution of premium culinary images. More than 350 photographers from around the world are contributing to the collection with thousands of specialized food images being added every month.
  • Somebody else created my company's website.
    We understand that a third-party designer, former employee, or intern may have been contracted to design and develop your company’s website. However, if a valid license does not exist, the liability of any infringement ultimately falls on the company (the end user) who hired that third-party, employee, or intern. We recommend that your company contact the third-party, employee, or intern to see if any licenses surrounding the specific use of the images in question exist.
  • I am happy to pay the license fee, but not the other charges on the Settlement Demand.

    When a represented image is used without a license or appropriate copyright credit, it denies the creator his/her right to recognition and compensation for the work. It also creates the potential for very costly licensing clashes.

    Furthermore, detecting the unlicensed usage results in additional charges, which are necessary to ensure that the photographer’s rights have been upheld.

    Rights Control only operates in countries which have established laws to protect copyright holders and their ability to seek damages for copyright infringements.

  • I have removed the images and now consider this matter closed.
    We appreciate the removal of its represented images from your company's website. However, removal of the unlicensed images solves only part of the issue. We will continue to require full payment of the demand presented to settle the matter and avoid further escalation.
  • I did not know that the image was copyrighted.
    An image bears copyright from its date of creation and formal authorisation must always be obtained from the copyright owner/representative prior to any use. The copyright expires 70 years after the death of the copyright owner and enters the public domain. Whether the work is marked or not (e.g. watermark or ©) doesn't affect the level of protection of the work.
  • I didn't know these images were represented by an agency and had to be licensed.
    Unfortunately, despite the fact that your company may not have known, this does not excuse your company's unauthorised use, nor does it relieve you of the obligation to pay the demand to settle the claim of copyright infringement. If no licenses exist, you received the benefit of using the images in question on your company's website without permission the agencies represented photographers. Since the unauthorised use already occurred, payment for that benefit is necessary.
  • I purchased these images from a company we found online as part of a web template.
    As the end user of imagery, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you have obtained the appropriate rights to use the imagery. That means that if you acquire imagery from a web template provider or other such company, you are still liable for copyright infringement if that provider or other such company did not properly license the imagery for your use.
  • Where can I find out more about copyright infringement?
    It is strongly recommended that should you choose to take professional advice and seek accurate information.
  • I found the image from Google, which is free.
    Google is a search engine and are not authorised to give permission to use any image displayed in a search result. Further to your Google search, you should have requested evidence of copyright ownership from the website on which you found the image and written confirmation from the photographer to use the image for free, prior to using the image.
  • My website is non-commercial.
    A website is commercial if it promotes you and your services. Unfortunately, whether your website generated traffic or revenue is irrelevant to the way the included content is licensed.
  • I found this image on a news website.
    Images are legitimately licensed all over the world, for use by licensees' websites without a watermark. Once images are published on websites with a legitimate license it is not up to the creator to monitor who downloads the images and uses them. It is up to the user to be sure they have the proper license and permissions to use the images. It is our obligation towards our artists to seek compensation on their behalf when an unauthorised use is reported to us.
  • My content is used under "Fair Use" guidelines.
    Fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and "transformative" purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. The usage in question here does not meet such criteria.